Rémi de Matos Machado

Geography & Conflict landscapes

Welcome on the personnal website of Rémi de Matos Machado, PhD and teaching assistant at Université de Lorraine (Metz).

My research focuses on conflict landscapes, especially on the Verdun battlefield. It includes multidisciplinary approaches:

  • Remote sensing and GIS: LiDAR data processing, landforms recognition and extraction from DEMs, battlefield maps
  • Geomorphology: morphometric analysis of conflict-induced landforms, understanding of erosion processes
  • Archaeology: surface survey, battlefield and landforms interpretation
  • Statistics: multivariate analysis (self-organising maps, principal component analysis, hierarchical ascendant classification), landforms classification
  • Computer programming: semi-automatic mapping
  • Ecology: flooded shell holes inventory

On this page, you can find information about my research activities, CV and publications.


Photo credit: Rémi de Matos Machado, Gettysburg National Military Park (USA)